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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

WHAT IS BINGE EATING? Most of us suffer from a unique disorder during the holiday season, which can only be discribed as ‘BINGE EATING’. Although we would never admit it, our EYES truly are bigger than our stomach. However, through many seasons of wreckless control, our stomach has grown large enough to accommodate our bulging eyes. We could go blind or punish our flesh with torturing diets, or just start squinting at the dinner table. I like the sqinting option most! Instead, I would like to introduce something easier than killer diets or painful gym routines. Nature supplies the best answer to Binge Eating Disorders. Go to: <a href=”,com_productbook/func,detail/id,18″></a>StressEse

This is everything the body needs to maintain daily focus and energy.

Stay healthy and stay blessed, W.G.  ID #14008